Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adventure Tourism Updates

Hey everyone…Jon here. I figured I would give everyone an update on all things adventure tourism here in Bell County.

First off, I just completed applying for a few grants through private companies. One grant was to purchase about $8,000 worth of gates for property owners with land adjacent to Mountain Drive. Many of these landowners have trails leading from their property into Mountain Drive. I felt that the number one concern of people that live near Mountain Drive was the possibility of park visitors trespassing onto their land. I would like to point out one thing: the people that we have guided that have come from outside our area have been more respectful of the laws, land, and people of this area than many of our locals are. However we know that since there are so many tracts of private land that adjoin Mountain Drive through trails, it would be in everyone’s best interest if this issue was addressed. This would not only help in deterring future trespassing instances but also improve any problems with trespassing that these landowners have now. If we receive this grant and are able to purchase these gates, we will need property owners who have trails from their land leading to Mountain Drive to contact me.

The other grant I applied for was for the amount of approximately $30,000. This grant, if we receive it, will be used to purchase many things to improve the park. This includes new trail signs, entrance signs, lumber and equipment to build rain shelters and outhouses, picnic tables and grills for campsites, and all sorts of equipment such as chain saws and weed eaters so that club members can maintain the property on Mountain Drive. This grant is very important to the future of the property and would definitely help refine our park. So we ask that people in Bell County who are adamant about Adventure Tourism to keep your fingers crossed…Hopefully we can receive both of these grants, as both are very important to our cause.

The biggest problem that we face concerning the future park at Mountain Drive (Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park) is the location for a trailhead facility. As many know, the park is split into two sections: the Colmar side and the Hances’ Ridge side. These sides are separated by Highway 1344 near the junction of Hwy 217. We had hopes of developing the trail head facility off the bridge to nowhere, and still have these hopes. However, the money that was going to be used to do this was voted down surprisingly in the last House session. The money was to be used to bring necessary utilities to the industrial park on Mountain Drive such as water, sewer, and electric, and subsequently would have brought those utilities to the Hance’s Ridge section of the park. The problem is that on the Hance’s Ridge side…we have perfect road access from highway 119, but none of the utilities mentioned above. The Colmar side however, has all the utilities such as water, sewer, and electric, but has limited access. The access from highways 188, 1344, and 516, and 988 are all very winding, narrow roads that could not facilitate a large influx of traffic that the bridge to nowhere on the Hance’s side could provide. It is possible to take flatblad trailers hauled by trucks up highway 188 and 1344, however these roads would not be suitable for large enclosed trailers or RVs. So that is my major dilemma in a nutshell. The money to improve the road past the bridge and to provide that side with the necessary utilities has since been put in the road budget, but it will not be available until the year 2012…quite a ways off. So the question is how do we develop a trail head in the mean time? One idea I had is to approach private land owners near Mountain Drive to discuss the possibility of them opening campgrounds. There are several areas that are near the major highways such as 25E and 119 that are in close enough proximity to Mountain Drive that a trailhead near one of these highways would be possible. I will be exploring that possibility in the coming weeks.

At the current time I am working on examining PVA data and comparing it to property line data that Vaughn and Melton has acquired through their mapping of the park property. This can be a very tedious process. One thing we are trying to make sure we don’t do is promote park trails that are actually on property other than what we have on the Asher tract. I am gathering all the trails that we currently have that are in questions and will contact the property owner concerning these trails once I have all the information I need. After we have all trail and property line issues taken care of we will begin editing the map, and hope to have some new trails developed by year’s end.

Another thing I will be working on in the near future will be the formation of a new committee, which will tentatively be called the Bell County Trails Society. My goal is to have this committee help oversee and make recommendations for all things concerning the acquisition and maintenance of new multi-purpose trails in Bell County. In short it will be a committee to help oversee the development of the multiple facets of adventure tourism in the county. I hope to get locals who are passionate about horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and any other form of trail recreation to assist in the development of promoting trail sports of different varieties.

It is true that I am trying to obtain permission for more legal access to be used by ATVs and Side X Sides in Bell County. We have had some preliminary talks with several landowners who own large tracts here in Bell County and hope to have a large amount of ‘off-park’ riding by early 2009, in the neighborhood of 40,000+ acres. This will give people legal access to many of the lands that are illegally ridden in Bell County currently. This will also give our club the opportunity to showcase many different areas of the county outside of Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park (aka Mountain Drive). We also know that if our club has legal access to this land, we can improve the land for its landowner. We hope to work with Kentucky Fish and Game in acquiring and maintaining some of these new lands. We have done a lot of clean up on Mountain Drive as far as trash pick-up and trail maintenance, and will do the same on this new stretch of land if we are given access to it. We as a club are out to prove that we can help offset the negative impact done by ATVs and hopefully help change the mindsets of people who ride their ATVs without any regard for nature.

I am also about to start the process of connecting Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park to Black Mountain Park in Harlan County. We have discussed this for several months and have not been able to solidify a route yet due to working on other projects. Besides being busy for the past month or so working on grants, I have also been really involved in helping my friend Ben Barnett get Bell County’s Enhanced 911 system up and running. After talking with several folks who know the area pretty well, we have got a basic idea of how we think the route should go. We are trying to minimize traveling on black top as much as possible, and also trying to minimize having to pass by houses. However the only way we can do this is by gaining permission from more land owners in order to cross the blacktop in the most efficient way possible. As soon as we get a route to connect our two riding areas, it will be a major first step for the Kentucky Adventure Tourism Project. We hope to bring you updates on this soon.

As a club, the Holler Crawlers are now incorporated. We are excited about the possibility of becoming a 501C3 in the future and have a very intelligent guy helping guide us in that direction. We have a few events coming up. The club will be doing a trash clean up day on Mountain Drive on Saturday, September 13th. There is a members-only cook/camp/ride weekend September 19-21 which will feature live bluegrass music, free food for members, and rides all weekend long. About 40 people from the Southern SXS Riders will be in that weekend and have already booked up the Holiday Inn Express. Hope to have several of the Ridge Runners down as well.

Anyway that’s about it for now I suppose. Anyone with any questions about the park, the Holler Crawlers, or adventure tourism in Bell County can contact me at or at my work email, Also by phone at 606-302-1943.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Busy, busy, busy. - by Jon

Folks it's been hectic here at Holler Crawler central.

My good friend Preston told me a few months ago..."You're about to be a busy man..."

He wasn't lyin'.

In all honesty I can say that I am not really a fan of being busy most of the time. I am a much bigger fan of quiet evenings on the lake in the sacred absense of the hustle and bustle. But this club has changed me in a very positive way. It's given me more than a's given me a new goal. To try to use adventure tourism to breathe new life in Bell County and southeast Kentucky.

My buddy Preston also told thing I was gonna need is people with the same fire I have. And the people that I cannot explain how good of a core group we have. From all ages, backgrounds...we have all kinds and we all get along so well and all want to see this club reach the pinnacle. People with different knowledge and different skill sets that are all vital to the success of this club. I have to say I lucked out. To have people dedicated...who not only talk the talk but walk the walk. They're great, I can't say thanks enough to them. Together we're making it happen.

Great news today folks...SB 196 has passed!
This is a GIANT step forward in the right direction for Bell County and the rest of Kentucky. This law pretty much allows land owners the right to enter into contracts with state government concerning the use of their land in connection to adventure tourism...whether it be trail sports like we are focused on...boating, rock climbing, etc. We had been working on different forms of this bill for several years and this year thanks to the hard work of Senator Brandon Smith and others, it made it through. Both Republicans and Democrats...coming together...because both believed a good idea was more important than partisan politics. That's a beatiful thing, ya'll. For more info on that bill check this out:

In other news our event schedule has added a new one to it's list...the 2008 Pineville Spring Fling...which is being put together by our friend Tim Cornett, director of Main Street Pineville. The event will feature a city wide yard sale, an auction I believe...different vendor booths including Hart's Cyle and MGD, and a Holler Crawler Booth. Our booth will contain info about the club, the park, safety information about riding, and some super sweet Holler Crawler Merch. Also during this event there will be an ATV you can spiff your toy up, spit shine it, and there will be a parking area and we will have a route to get to the show area. So by all means come show off your ride and your mods!

And of course, coming up on Saturday, May 31st, we are doing our first large scale organized ride...simply called the Ride For Sean. This ride will be a donation ride for the children of the fallen Deputy Sheriff Sean Pursifull that so tragically lost his life a few months back. We are asking everyone to please help spread the word on this ride, as we are going to raise as much money as we can for this great cause.
For info on the ride go here:

Also folks, stay tuned for exciting news concerning some new legal land to ride in Bell County...We're hoping to add another 33,000 acres of some of the BEST riding you'll find anywhere to our ranks. As soon as we hear word, so will you!

Another announcement, thanks to our secretary Rob we have picked up Subway of Middlesboro as an official sponsor! Show your Holler Crawler membership card and you will get 50 cents off a 6 inch, and $1 off a footleg! Good going Rob! Nothing beats a footlong Subway roast beef/turkey samich after a hard days ride. So after playing in the mountains and mud all day, remember to eat fresh at the Middlesboro Subway!

About merch - we are hoping to have it in reaaaaal soon. On this initial next order we're only gonna have about 25 shirts or so if you want a shirt, now is the time to let us know about it! We will also have some camo caps and two sizes of stickers. So make sure to get yourself some Holler Crawler merch and rep Bell County, as the kids say.

Another thing before I forget...This club is not just open to ATVs. We are making a conscious effort to change the name from 'Holler Crawlers ATV Club' to 'Holler Crawlers Off-Road Club'. We also have memebrs with dirt bikes and side x sides...and are also open to Jeeps/Trucks, rock crawlers...about anything you ride the trails with. Even looking at possibly opening the club up to mountain bikers and horseback riders...Right now we are looking for a person to help get people interested in the Jeep/Truck/Rock Crawler aspect of the club, as we don't have many current members who have such toys. So please if you are local and would like to help us get this division up and running, please give us a holler!

Anyway I think that's it for now. Stay tuned, Holler Crawler Nation! And help spread the word! Don't forget our next meeting is Tuesday, April 8th, 6:00PM, 3rd Floor Meeting Room of Old Pineville Courthouse. We'd love to have ya'll over!

Jon (BCO)

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Day I'll Never Forget - By Dianne - 03/05/08

You know, you see things like this on TV and read about them in the newspapers, but you don't expect to be an eye witness to an airplane crash! I'm still shaking. And it has been several hours now since it happened.
Jim, Pam, Terry, Grizz & myself were doing mostly trail riding and some clean up work down at WTOP (for those that don't know what that stands for it means, Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park).
Terry & Pam had just split off with us because they had to go home to get ready to attend a meeting of another ATV club, Mountain Trails. Grizz, Jim & myself were going to go by the water tower and make our way over to the other side to the Mud Bowl.
We saw this small airplane that was going really slow and low.... and I do mean LOW! It looked as if it was trying to land. I won't go in to details here but the next moment we saw it go down. We all knew it had crashed.
Jim and Grizz took off toward where they thought it had landed. I stopped for a second to call 911. I would say that the call came in no more than 30 seconds after the plane went down. Maybe that was what helped to save his life. I hope so.
There was one man in the plane. He was alive when I got there. I'm here to tell you I was scared to death. I couldn't bring myself to actually look to see him. I was afraid to look for what I might have seen.
In an attempt to make a long story short, I went down to the intersection of the road on 1344 to wait on the rescue people to get there and lead them to the crash site. I know one thing... Miss Kitty can run off and leave a fire truck sitting in my dust! I had to almost stop a time or two waiting on them to catch up. BUT then I guess driving what they were and hauling what they were that they can't keep up with something like an ATV.
By the time I got back up to the crash site, they had the gentleman out of the airplane. He was hurt, not sure how bad but at least he was alive. The fire truck/ems people called for an air rescue to come to the site. It took about 20 minutes for it to get there. The rescue squad had gotten there shortly after the fire trucks and attended to the mans injuries. They loaded him into the back of the ambulance and waited with him there till the air rescue arrived on site.
From what I was reading at the WYMT news site they took him to UT Knoxville Hospital. I wish that I had a way of knowing that he will be OK.
Before I go any further I have to mention that not only was it the three of us at the crash site, but Brandon & David were on the other side, near the Mud Bowl and came over too. All 4 of them pulled the man out of the plane. They arrived there while I was down waiting on the rescue squad. I'm still so shaky that I'm having a hard time remembering it all. Or should I say put everything in the order of events? Yeah that's it.
I'm going to try to call Knoxville tomorrow to see if I can get in touch with any of the mans family to make sure that he is OK. I pray that he will heal from his injuries and will be alright. It is so remote up there that if someone had not seen him go down I'm not sure how long it would have been before someone found him. And with him being in the shape that he was, I'm afraid to think of how he would have been if it had been a long time. I'm sure that he wouldn't be alive.
Well, that is what has happened in my part of the world on Thursday, March 13, 2008! Sure hope it does not happen again anytime soon!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Board Meeting Tonight - By Dianne


The Board of Directors and the Officers of the Holler Crawlers ATV Club meet tonight in Middlesboro to discuss possible names for the new ATV park and to try to make final plans for the Benefit ride in May.
Hubby was going to go with me tonight, but he is home sick so he can't go. And here I had plans on going early and eating some KFC! Looks like if he gets any it will be take home.
The temps are dropping fast... and the wind is really howling outside. The forecast is for snow to move in here. Hope I get down there and back without any trouble. I don't think I'll have any problems.... but with this crazy weather you never know!

We Did It - By Dianne


We did it! I am so proud of the "Holler Crawlers" for all the hard work that went on this weekend. We are no where near done with what work needs to be done, but sure did get a really good start on it.

Saturday morning a group met at the Colmar parking area and got busy right off the bat picking up trash and hauling it away. It is amazing to see the difference between the before any work was done and the after two days of cleaning looks like! The group that met Saturday mostly picked up in the lower section of the parking area to begin with, then moved on to do some much needed trail clearing. There are still a lot of trees that need to be cut and moved before all the trails are fully opened. But even with what has been done just this weekend the difference is amazing.

Sunday morning an even larger group of people showed up to really put a lot of hard work in for the day. Everyone split into groups and were working in different areas of the Colmar parking lot. Some went up toward the "Beaver Pond" while some were in the upper lot cleaning trash, while others hauled what was burnable to a safe site and set on fire. While at the same time a group were on the trails with chain saws still fighting those downed trees! It was an amazing sight to see..... everyone working hard with one goal in mind. To clean up our park and open more trails.

And of course, after everyone had finished up with their area it was time to "PLAY" a bit and have some major fun!

Everyone met up on top and formed a large group to go on some "sight seeing and trail riding" for a while before going home after a good days work. We all rode down to check out the "block building" that is on one of the trails. AND of course we picked up what trash was around that building while we were there. The building needs a little work (NEW ROOF) but it really could be used for so many great things. It is well hidden and would make a great place to get out of any bad weather that might come up on a days ride. Hopefully some of the business people in Bell County will get behind the effort and donate the materials needed to put that new roof on. I've got a brand new nail gun that needs to be put to work!

I still say that it would be great if we could harvest what trees are fallen and use the logs to build a "club house/cabin" on the property. Free lumber is GOOD! But I know it would be really hard to get them from where they are laying now out to a workable site. BUT it still is a great idea. Now to come up with a way to get it done.

After stopping at the block house the entire group went to...... where else but..... THE MUD BOWL! It was something to see everyone (well most everyone) going down in to the bowl to play in the water. There sure was some wet, muddy people that came out of there! But you know what.... EVERYONE of them came out with the biggest smiles on their faces that you ever did see!!!

After everyone got their fill of the mud we made our way back down to the parking area. Everyone was tired from a long days work, but very happy to have done it. The rain held off, only saw a slight drizzle at one point and everyone made it safely home.

I heard talk about going back this coming weekend to do some more work. I'm sure that someone will be there doing something. I wish that we lived a lot closer, I'd be there every day doing what little I could by myself. My house would suffer for the lack of attention, but I'd be happy just to be out and riding.

The HC officers and board of directors members are meeting this Tuesday to discuss the list of names for the new park and narrowed down to 3 names for the club as a whole to vote on at the next meeting on March 11. I know I have my favorites but if one of them will be chosen I don't know. I'll have to wait and see what the club votes as their favorite.

We will also be trying to make final plans for the Benefit ride for Officer Pursifull that was killed by two young boys back in Jan. AS soon as I can I'll post final details for everyone in case you want to make plans to attend.

Well, for now I've gotten caught up on all the happenings. There hasn't been a lot of riding being done. Weather has not been to good and when it was I had other things that had to be done first. Maybe spring will be here soon and things will get back to normal! What's normal? Riding every weekend of course!
Hope you enjoy the pictures of some of us working & playing! We all had a great time!

Clean Up Day - By Dianne

This weekend, Feb. 23-24, the Holler Crawlers will be doing a "Clean Up" at the Colmar parking lot. Last time I was there people had been using it as a "dump" for all sorts of trash. I think I even remember seeing a old bathroom toilets! Maybe if we turn it upright and fill it with dirt and plant flowers in it people will get the idea? OK, so I'm just kidding. No planting of flowers in old toilets. That would be a little to tacky. BUT I am hoping that the community sees what the club is doing... and that we mean to do more good for Bell County than harm they will stand by us and support the Club.
This coming Tuesday, Feb, 26 is a meeting of the Officers and Board of Directors of the Holler Crawlers. We will be discussing names for the park and getting a list of 3 for the club as a whole to vote on at the next meeting. And making plans for the "Benefit Ride" for Sean Pursifull., a Bell County Deputy that was killed while on duty. As of now the date for the ride is May 31. The date should be set in stone within the next couple of weeks. When all the final plans are made I'll be sure and post any and all information right here.
Looking forward to March 22 of this year. Will be going to Hindman, Kentucky to take the ATV Safety Class. That will be very interesting and very informative.
On a more personal note, I've gotten Jim's Arctic Cat equipped with a new Gorilla 2500 lb wench and put on the front Brush Guard for him for a Valentines Day present. It looks really good on there. Now the only thing left to do is to get the rear bumper put on. That will be in place no later than mid April!
It has come to my attention that some people have been making fun of how I've named our ATVs. Personally I don't care what they have to say. I do know for sure that either machine has more common sense then the person/persons that have been running their mouth! AND the ARCTIC CATS are NOT HUMAN! Am I putting down the people that run their mouths? I guess I am. I never have been able to understand what makes people think that running their mouths makes them look ....... what? Intelligent? NO! More on the lines of the "Village Idiots"! Enough on that subject.
Well for now I'll hush and get some much needed work done. Sorry that I've not been posting much on my blog. I've not been getting to do any riding for weeks and it is killing me! Maybe soon the weather will break and the Arctic Cats will be gotten out of storage and rode through the mud!
Ride Long, Ride Hard, RIDE SAFE!

Attended my first Holler Crawler meeting - by Dianne


I finally was able to make it to the monthly meeting of the "Holler Crawlers" in Pineville, KY. We were a little bit late, due to some things that we had to do before we really could get on the road. But the important thing is that we made it. My husband went with me tonight. I'm so proud that he did. Now he knows what sort of good people that I've been riding with the last month or so.

One important piece of business that needed to be done tonight was to elect/appoint a Board Of Directors. Bless their hearts, they actually wanted me to serve on the board! Actually I'm very proud and honored. I vow now to do the best job that I can possibly do. Thanks fella's for the honor of serving you.

Plans are being made now to do a "Benefit Ride" on May 31, 2008 to raise funds to go to the family of Sean Pursifull, a Bell County Deputy that was killed while on duty. As more plans are made final I'll post more information. But if you love riding, and want to ride with a purpose then please make plans to come join us.

Sorry for any misspelled words tonight. For some reason the spell check is not working!

Hillbilly Ice Skating - by Dianne


Ok, so I had to do this.... THANKS JIMBO! I had no idea that the cameras were out and clicking away. Honestly, I'm glad that they were. I know that it has been said that a picture is worth a Thousand Words...... well, here's the pictures!
Now you know why, even in bad conditions, that I love riding where I do! AND all this is within a 10 minute haul to the trail head from home! I love this place!

Lesson Learned the Hard Way - By Dianne


Well, I've learned a very valuable lesson yesterday. NEVER be leader! It wasn't that I didn't know where I was going.... I guess it was bad Karma or something.
Good news is that I didn't get cold! Feet, legs, hands stayed warm as could be. BUT if I had to use words to describe the days ride it would be "An ADVENTURE"!!!!!!
I should have know that things were going to happen right from the get-go from what happened. OK, now first off this is first time that I was the leader of a "group". That didnt' bother me... I knew where I was going and how to get there and what to expect. WHAT I didn't expect is for me to ALMOST flip the ATV on the first 100 FEET of the TRAIL!
I was in the process of reaching to flip the button to put it into 4X4 when that puppy spun out and went sideways with me on the STEEPEST part of the trail head! Talk about scaring the poopy out of you! ALL I could do was use my finger to trigger the mic on my head set and say OVER AND OVER AND OVER..... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guys (BCO, Tinbender and somebody else I forgot!) had to come grab hold of the front of my ride to hold it down to keep it from flipping... and I had to crawl off of it UP HILL..... and with my knees the way they are I almost couldn't do it! But we got it straight.... locked it into 4X4 and I made it on to the top of the hill. NOW what is so danged bad.... I've been up that same spot no less than a 100 times and NEVER had any problems!
Ok, I recoverd my composure and we all made it up that little part and continued on with the ride. No major problems ..... trail on the SOUTH SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN was muddy but nothing more worse than I had already seen before. Arrived up on top at the first resting point "Crows Foot" and it was covered with snow that had been there since last Tuesday. I told them that I knew that there was one spot on the north side that is a steep incline that could be rough. WELL ROUGH WASN'T the WORD FOR IT! About 100 feet before it REALLY got steep...... right as your coming out of a steep curve back to the right you hit SOLID ICE! Trail was coverd in a THICK SHEET OF SOLID ICE! It only went maybe 20-25 feet but still it was downhill and WHOA! I knew that the worst part (as far as steep) was JUST beyond that. So I did the leader thing and said I'll go as far as I can and check it out, everybody stay here and wait for me to yell on the radio.
WELL ...... There was some rocks that the tires on the left could ride on that COULD have kept you on the trail..... and that is where I had my wheels... BUT>>>> NOPE! I started down heading forward.... the back end slipped off the rocks and here the heck I go, spinning around....... going BACKWARDS DOWN THE HILL ON THE ICE! One of the guys (Tinbender was that you? I forgot I was so scared!) came down and grabbed hold of my rack on the front of my bike after it had came to a stop and...... HERE WE WENT AGAIN! Still sliding and this time a fella with me... he then slipped.. was on his backside... heading UNDER MY ATV.... both of us still slipping, sliding down the mountain!
Finally came to a stop and more came down to help me (and him) out of a BAD situation. They grabbed my bike and spun me around (STILL ON THE ICE) and got me heading forward again... then I made it OFF The ice onto solid ground. I went on down the trail.. the ground was clear, no ice no snow... came to a spot that I could park the bike and walked down the trail to where I could REALLY see the worst part of the trail. By this time another rider had came down and joined me (guess he figured with my luck I'd need dragged out of there). I just looked at him and said "I'm NOT going down that! You can if you want to BUT I'm NOT!"
Well the good part is that all this is that we were at an intersection right in that very curve that gave the choice of going off the mountain on another trail. I had only been that trail ONE other time (the last time I rode that route) and I knew that at the bottom there were some really BIG BOULDERS that we had to go over. I knew that my AC would make it because of the ground clearance, but there were 3 "side by sides" that were no where near as high off the ground as I was. I told them that I thought we could make it down but I wasn't to sure about coming back up (seeing as how the other trail was OUT OF THE QUESTION!)
Other than finding a few trees that had fallen across the trail.... and a couple of the sideXsides JUST barely clearing the trees.... we finally made it OFF THE MOUNTAIN! I was never so happy in my life to see SOLID LEVEL GROUND!
We went on over to where we were heading to.... played in the mud for a bit, had a bite of lunch then headed back. AGAIN I had a bit of a problem..... NO BODY else but me and it was my own stupidity.... I thought I had hit the button to lock it into 4 wheel drive... but dummy me had it in 2 wheel drive! Got to one of the big boulders and almost didn't make it up. AFTER I finally made it over.... I saw what I had done and felt like a PURE FOOL!
When we got back up to the top of the mountain we made a right turn at Crows Foot and came back out the top of the ridge to come down the mountain that comes out right at the trail head. PHEW...... we made it..... OR SHOULD I SAY I MADE IT! I told one of the fellas that next time I said I wanted to ride somewhere..... DO NOT GO WITH ME! RUN hard the other direction! I've learned my lesson.... KEEP ATV IN 4X4..... and stay the heck off ICE!
I'm sorta sore in my shoulders/upper arms from fighting the trail... had a major head ache when I got home.... I guess from stress..... but all in all it was OK. Now I'm not ready to hit Stone again anytime soon...... MAYBE oh say..... next JULY when there is NO CHANCE OF ICE!