Friday, February 29, 2008

We Did It - By Dianne


We did it! I am so proud of the "Holler Crawlers" for all the hard work that went on this weekend. We are no where near done with what work needs to be done, but sure did get a really good start on it.

Saturday morning a group met at the Colmar parking area and got busy right off the bat picking up trash and hauling it away. It is amazing to see the difference between the before any work was done and the after two days of cleaning looks like! The group that met Saturday mostly picked up in the lower section of the parking area to begin with, then moved on to do some much needed trail clearing. There are still a lot of trees that need to be cut and moved before all the trails are fully opened. But even with what has been done just this weekend the difference is amazing.

Sunday morning an even larger group of people showed up to really put a lot of hard work in for the day. Everyone split into groups and were working in different areas of the Colmar parking lot. Some went up toward the "Beaver Pond" while some were in the upper lot cleaning trash, while others hauled what was burnable to a safe site and set on fire. While at the same time a group were on the trails with chain saws still fighting those downed trees! It was an amazing sight to see..... everyone working hard with one goal in mind. To clean up our park and open more trails.

And of course, after everyone had finished up with their area it was time to "PLAY" a bit and have some major fun!

Everyone met up on top and formed a large group to go on some "sight seeing and trail riding" for a while before going home after a good days work. We all rode down to check out the "block building" that is on one of the trails. AND of course we picked up what trash was around that building while we were there. The building needs a little work (NEW ROOF) but it really could be used for so many great things. It is well hidden and would make a great place to get out of any bad weather that might come up on a days ride. Hopefully some of the business people in Bell County will get behind the effort and donate the materials needed to put that new roof on. I've got a brand new nail gun that needs to be put to work!

I still say that it would be great if we could harvest what trees are fallen and use the logs to build a "club house/cabin" on the property. Free lumber is GOOD! But I know it would be really hard to get them from where they are laying now out to a workable site. BUT it still is a great idea. Now to come up with a way to get it done.

After stopping at the block house the entire group went to...... where else but..... THE MUD BOWL! It was something to see everyone (well most everyone) going down in to the bowl to play in the water. There sure was some wet, muddy people that came out of there! But you know what.... EVERYONE of them came out with the biggest smiles on their faces that you ever did see!!!

After everyone got their fill of the mud we made our way back down to the parking area. Everyone was tired from a long days work, but very happy to have done it. The rain held off, only saw a slight drizzle at one point and everyone made it safely home.

I heard talk about going back this coming weekend to do some more work. I'm sure that someone will be there doing something. I wish that we lived a lot closer, I'd be there every day doing what little I could by myself. My house would suffer for the lack of attention, but I'd be happy just to be out and riding.

The HC officers and board of directors members are meeting this Tuesday to discuss the list of names for the new park and narrowed down to 3 names for the club as a whole to vote on at the next meeting on March 11. I know I have my favorites but if one of them will be chosen I don't know. I'll have to wait and see what the club votes as their favorite.

We will also be trying to make final plans for the Benefit ride for Officer Pursifull that was killed by two young boys back in Jan. AS soon as I can I'll post final details for everyone in case you want to make plans to attend.

Well, for now I've gotten caught up on all the happenings. There hasn't been a lot of riding being done. Weather has not been to good and when it was I had other things that had to be done first. Maybe spring will be here soon and things will get back to normal! What's normal? Riding every weekend of course!
Hope you enjoy the pictures of some of us working & playing! We all had a great time!

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